Šilutės rajono savivaldybė

Heraldry and Symbolism of Silute

Coat of Arms


Šilutė received its first coat of arms in about 1941. Three oak leaves were depicted in the front of a cleaved shield from the left shield, while an elk or deer’s horn was depicted in the rear. After the Second World War, the coat of arms was left behind.
   The Heraldry Commission gave Šilutė a new coat of arms in 1968. The main symbol of the coat of arms was a white sailboat with a weathercock used by the old fishermen of the littoral region, and at the bottom of the boat there was an old-fashioned mail trumpet. Symbols were arranged in a green and black side of a shield. Motifs and colors of the coat of arms, symbolize the lagoon, fishing, Šilutė as an old harbor, a historical post road, the green meadows surrounding the region. The new Šilutė coat of arms was approved by the President of the Republic of Lithuania in October 5, 1995.


On the 21st of September in 1995 the current ceremonial flag of Silute District Municipality was established by a special President decree and approved by Lithuanian Heraldry Commission as our standard.

The flag of Šilutė District Municipality is white, girt with green white black squares from 3 sides of it. There is Šilutė District Municipality‘s coat of arms, in the center of both sides of the flag. A Flag socket is a golden triangle of three parts. Tricky green and white stripes with a length of the flag are tied at the tip.

Author of the flag is an artist Romas Tarvydas.



A fish is the symbol of Šilutė, it reminds the history of Šilutė town, as Šilutė was known for fish markets.

Symbolic fish fins on the back depict houses of the four villages: Šilokarčema, Verdainė, Žibai and Cintjoniškės, of which the current Šilutė town was formed in 1511. The sign traditionally consists of black contour and fish fins and scales can be multicolored. The sign is designed to provide information about the Šilutė region.

The symbol Šilutė region was created by Arūnas Raudonius.


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