Šilutės rajono savivaldybė


 Nature of the Municipality

Šilutė District Municipality is in the western part of the Republic of Lithuania, near the Baltic Sea Curonian Lagoon. The total area of Šilutė District Municipality is 1706 km². The population of the Municipality is 41 093 people.

Šilutė district is attractive for its exceptional geographical location, unique scenery and unique ethnic culture. Distinctness of Šilutė district municipality is determined by the fact that the Nemunas delta covers the greater part of it, and the Nemunas Delta Regional Park, established there, takes 28 thousand ha. The park has 14 sanctuaries and one reserve. It is the largest concentration of waterfowl in the Baltic Searegion. The Arctic - Europe - East African bird migration route passes through the park. The park is equipped with three observation towers for those who wish to watch birds. One-fifth of the park's area is covered by water - the Nemunas Delta branches.

The investment is attracted by the rapidly developing rural tourism, the cultural and educational activities, and the favourable conditions for the creation and the development of business. The producers of furniture, cheese, peat, and the company of transportation services are well known not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign countries. In the territory of the municipality the several companies of construction, fur and fur goods manufacturing company, and other smaller businesses are working.

 Wind power plants

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