Šilutės rajono savivaldybė

Gardamas Eldership

St. Rock Church and market place, 1931.

The Famous Book route crossed Gardamas. The prohibited Lithuanian press was distributed by the book smugglers J. Freitakas, the priest P. Grigaliūnas and others in 1864-1904. There was the border crossing point in eldership territory (in Voveriai village) till 1912.

The priests and brothers Jonas and Vincentas Beinoriai, the journalists Rimantas Šlajus, American Lithuanian community's activist Juozas Šlajus, Švėkšna gymnasium sponsor, the Patron of Education, the tailor Domininkas Endzelis are born in Gardamas eldership. Attorney, writer, ethnographer, bibliophile, preacher, the first Lithuanian state Army volunteer Jonas Jurgis Gocentas (1897-1974) was born in Gardamas. It is believed that the first Lithuanian Book author Martynas Mažvydas was born in this region. In memoriam of M. Mažvydas, the memorial stone in Laukstėnai village and the Crucifixion in Gardamas were built.

There is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ramučiai, in Gardamas Rome Catholic St. Rock Church (lith. Šv. Rokas), next to which, on the hillside, there is the imitation of Lourdes.

Gardamas is an old village of Lamata land, one of the defence centres. Gardamas was mentioned in 1305, when Teutonics were havocked and robbed the parish. There are archaeological monuments in the eldership: 29 mounds, 11 villages, 3 defensive fortifications, 42 cemeteries. The biggest mound is Žakainiai (also known as Laukstėnai, Užtenenis, and Jokūbiškės). During the excavations the brass brooches, bracelets, weights; iron spearhead, a knife, a part of axe, arrowheads, smooth and thrown ceramics and other VII-XII century artefacts were found. The graveyard of Pypliškiai, also called Milžinkalnis, is located near Gardamas. It was found, that the stone constructions with incinerated tomb dates back to the last year of BC or the first century of AC. The place of the glass workshop of Švėkšna Manor, which was operating in the beginning of XVII century, still remains. After the World War II, Kęstutis united partisans, the Iron Wolf Team, were acting around Gardamas.

The eldership was established in 1995.

The coat of arms of Gardamas eldership



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