Šilutės rajono savivaldybė

Juknaičiai Eldership

The Lithuanian social activist of Lithuanian Minor and the first who started teaching in Lithuanian language in Pašyšiai Primary School and in other schools of Klaipėda region was E. Simaitis. During the period 1904-1906 Fredric Bajoraitis was working as a teacher in the former Paleičiai School. In 1920, Horstas Skodlerakas (germ. Horst Skodlerrak), the famous German painter, was born in Juknaičiai village. Karolis Augustas Ozelis the longtime head of Šilutė district lived in Okslindžiai village, the pulpits (lith. surinkimininkų sakytojai) Kristupas Butkeraitis, Skrandys, Šermonas, kunigas Ramutis Jančiauskas lived in Pašyšiai, Horstas Herbertas Kubutaitis the financier, the supporter of culture and sports in the Seacoast region lived in Tarvydai village. Romas Ubartas the sportsmen, the winner of Olympic Games of 1992 in Barcelona, had been living and studying in Juknaičiai settlement. To the promotion, beautification and glorification of Juknaičiai was significantly contributed by Zigmantas Dokšas.

In 1910 the Church of Evangelic Liutheron was built and consecrated in Pašyšiai village. The church has had an octagonal tower and three copper bells, but the church no longer operates. In 1865 the construction of a rectangular, one-tower, gothic-romantic style Evangelical Lutheran Church of Vyžiai had been started. In 1993, the priests E. Rogas, L. Fetingis have gathered the parishioners and have raised the prayer’s house to a new life.

The coat of arms of Juknaiciai eldership.

The eldership was established in 1959. At first, this institution of the local government has had many other different names, and only in the year of 2000, it was named Juknaičiai Eldership.

Juknaičiai is a perfect example of the new architecture – the eldership is famous for its beautiful homesteads, and buildings typical for this region. The park is famous for its variety of trees and shrubs. It is interesting to observe the debacle of the Nemunas River and flooded meadows in spring.



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