Šilutės rajono savivaldybė

Vainutas Eldership

 Vainutas eldership.

From the middle of XIX century till 1951 Vainutas has been the centre of the parish, and from 1951 was called The Executive Committee of the District. In 1991 the Executive Committee of the District was reorganized into the Institution of chief of the rural district (lith. viršaitis), which in 1995 was reorganized into the Eldership.

The coat of arms of Vainutas eldership.

In Vainutas St. John Christener’s Church, in which the statue built reminds about the 400 years aniversary of the church, is visited as the cultural monument of Vainutas Eldership. There is the Oak Wood of Rebirth (lith. Atgimimo ąžuolynas), Lazduonėnų Mound, Vytautas and Angelė Raukčiai Museum of Easter Eggs in Balčiai village.

J. Miliauskas-Milevskis (Miglovara), the poet and writer of „Aušra“ from Galnė village, Zigmas Venckus the composer from Vainutas, Pranas Budrius the former director of “Lietuva” ensemble from Gorainiai village, Albinas Kakta the poet from Dargiškė village, Vladas Kensgaila the constructor-pilot from Bikavėnai village – all of them were born, lived or created in Vainutas Eldership. In Vainutas Antanas Baranauskas (1835-1902) – the poet, the writer of Lithuanian Classic Literature – has worked as an assistant of clerk for two years.

It is possible to enjoy Vainutas, because of its beauty and tidiness, St. John Christener’s Church in the centre of Vainutas, to visit Lazduonėnų Mound and its impressive surroundings, to visit the Jūra River, which flows through Bikavėnai village, by canoeing in its tourist-cognitive track. In the territory of Vainutas Eldership the Šyša River outflows and, curving through the territory of the District, Šilutė town, flows into the Atmata River, the inflow of the Nemunas River.




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